Niagara International Transportation Technology Coalition

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Transportation Management Operations Technician

The Niagara International Transportation Technology Coalition (NITTEC) is seeking a full-time Transportation Management Operations Technician. This position will require flexible work hours, rotating shifts, and on-call support work to meet the demands of a 24/7 TOC operation. Afternoon, overnight, and weekend shifts required.

A customer service position that disseminates real-time traffic information among the transportation agencies, police, media, emergency services, and the public. Manage traffic on the regional transportation system through the use of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Uses telephone and e-mail to communicate traffic management and traffic event information to other Traffic Operation Center (TOC) operators, management, member agency personnel, and media. Communicate and coordinate incident response with emergency responders and transportation agency personnel.

Follow NITTEC and Member Agency policies and procedures and the NITTEC Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) manual when performing traffic management responses/tasks.

Operate cameras and scan multiple displays to monitor and verify traffic information. Detect and respond to traffic management information from sources such as Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) alarms, websites, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), police and member agency radios, and stakeholder telephone calls. Create and enable ATMS response scenarios when traffic events are detected. Evaluate and respond to roadway incidents, by determining lanes closed, injuries, spills, facility damage and estimated incident duration. Create and post Dynamic Message Sign (DMS) and Portable Variable Message Sign (PVMS) messages using the ATMS to update travelers with traffic information.

Notify media about incidents, using confirmed information collected from ITS systems and information from member agencies.

Perform other duties as assigned by the Operations Manager, TOC Supervisor, or Executive Director.

Works closely and cooperatively with other TOC operators and transportation personnel to coordinate activities in a professional service-oriented environment. Coordinate with incident management teams for emergency management response.

Must be able to work well independently, make quick decisions, and prioritize multiple demands and tasks that happen throughout a shift.

Must be able to use and operate the following equipment:

  • Computer workstation in a windows application environment.

  • Telephone and radio scanners.

  • Video monitor keyboard and display wall.

  • CCTV camera controls.

  • NITTEC ATMS for graphical and text data, creation of DMS/PVMS messages and ITS activations.

The salary range is $43,307 to $64,203. Final salary will be determined based on experience and qualifications of the individual selected.

Requires a minimum of a high school education, with a 2-year college degree preferred. Work experience should include on-the-job experience in customer service and/or incident management in emergency response, police, fire, service patrol, or dispatch center. A good understanding of the regional roadway network in Western New York and Southern Ontario.

Please submit your resume to:
ATTN: Administration
93 Oak Street

Buffalo, NY 14203

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