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In order to receive text messages to a cell phone/mobile device, you are required to register that device. If you only want to receive notifications through email, it is not necessary to register a cell phone.

Mobile service providers handle email messages sent to mobile devices differently, it is best to check with your service provider to understand how email/text messaging works, how to receive them on your personal mobile device and what additional charges you may incur based on your account and/or service plan.Important Information for Cell Phone / Mobile Device Users:

  • Depending on your mobile service provider, text messages are typically limited to 160 characters, after which the message may be truncated or sent over several text messages. Your service provider may charge for each text message. Contact your mobile service provider to find out how text messaging works with your mobile device.
  • Your mobile service plan may have a limit on the number of text messages you are able to receive per month. Once this limit is reached, you may be charged on a per message basis. Contact your mobile service provider to find out if you have limits on text messaging.

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