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What is MyNITTEC?

MyNITTEC is a real-time personalized alert system which sends out text messages and emails with updates on the traffic conditions in Western New York and Southern Ontario. It is free to subscribe and only text messaging rates will apply.

Click here to view the video tutorial and learn more about MYNITTEC.

How do I sign up for text message alerts?

You can sign up for text message and/or email alerts by creating an account. This will bring you to the MyNITTEC System, which will allow you to create your own user account and register your cell phone and/or email for traffic alerts.

Can I adjust the times and expressways/bridges that I receive text messages?

Yes, you will have the ability to adjust the times you receive alerts. If you only wish to receive alerts during your daily commute you will have the ability to specify which roadways you want alerts for, the segment of the roadway on which you travel, and the time at which you receive alerts.

If I have a question or comment about the traffic alerts I am receiving who do I contact?

If you have any questions/comments about the traffic alerts you may contact DO NOT send a reply text to the automatically generated traffic alert. It will not be received as the system only has the ability to send messages, not receive them.

Are there any fees or cost required for traffic alerts via text message?

Only standard text messaging rates from your service provider apply when receiving messages. It is recommended that you contact your service provider with any questions regarding messaging fees.

How recent and accurate are the text messages?

It is NITTEC's goal to deliver messages within minutes of detection, however due to rapidly changing traffic conditions, not all messages are up to date. NITTEC cannot guarantee all messages will be up to date and accurate.

I have a new phone with a new number, how do I change the cell phone number that my messages are sent to?

Add/Edit Travel Profiles.

How do I unsubscribe from the messaging service?

When you Log In to your account, there is a button to unsubscribe.

What severity of incidents will be sent through MyNITTEC?

Incidents and congestion disrupting the normal flow of traffic and delays longer than 30 minutes at the International Bridges. Any updates to current traffic situations will also be sent using the system.

If I subscribe will my contact information be kept private?

NITTEC will not share any contact information with any other organization.

To U.S.A.
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Peace Bridge
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To Canada Peace Bridge CDN Plaza
Lewiston/Queenston Bridge
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To Canada L-Q Bdg CA Plaza
Rainbow Bridge
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To Canada Rainbow Bdg Deck toward CA

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NO DELAY = 0 to 10 minutes